How to view Windows application errors using Window Event Viewer Atlassian Documentation

How to view Windows application errors using Window Event Viewer Atlassian Documentation

Windows 11 does not provide any officially-supported way to move the taskbar. However, there’s a registry hack that, as of this writing, will allow you to position your taskbar at the top of the screen, with a few caveats. Most notably, while the taskbar will sit on the top of the screen if you perform this tweak, notifications, the calendar and volume menu will still be in the lower-right corner. The Start menu will be on top but align to the left side of the screen. One simple option that Windows 11 takes away is the ability to resize your taskbar. But there is a registry tweak that lets you choose among small, medium or large sizes.

  • ## Create the crazy regex string that I use to search for a number of different date/time formats.
  • Computer registry errors can be caused by installation and uninstallation of software, hardware changes, or malware.
  • With so many freeware available these days, the registry keep on bulging and creates inconsistencies, which results in the decline of the PC performance.

It will prevent you from having a wide variety of problems, such as a hacker exploiting a vulnerability and putting your files or personal information at risk. But you will also get the equipment to work better, without problems appearing. It can happen that this problem appears due to a bad configuration. This will cause Windows Defender to mistakenly detect a file that is actually safe even if we put it on the exclusion list. This can happen if you have touched something in the configuration by mistake or even due to a failure of the program itself.

How to Fix Windows Date and Time Changing or Wrong

Other than changing taskbar icons size, I utilize all the other hacks I have listed above and they really smooth out my Windows 11 experience. If you face any trouble with any of the Driversol hacks or just don’t like any, you can always undo the changes you have made and the hack will be removed. For example, if you made a new entry, then you can delete it or set its value to 0 from 1 to disable it. Now either restart the PC or restart the Windows Explorer just like I showed in hack #3 in this list. After the restart, the app’s last accessed window will open when you click.

At Date and Tine window, ensure that you have specified the correct Time Zone. Press the Windows + R keys to open Run command box. Search for Services, right-click Windows Time and select Properties.

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One of the best registry cleaning softwares for users due to its no-frills functionality, AML Registry Cleaner is a tool that gets the job done with minimal fuss. An easy-to-use and free registry cleaner with no added PC scanning facilities, AML is a fantastic choice for users who just want to have their PC clean. Solid maintenance tools are SlimCleaner’s main attraction, specifically in the computer cleaner itself and in startup managers. It’s fair to say that the Auslogics Registry Cleaner is comprehensive, but the registry cleaner is part of a suite of apps that are pushed on you through the download.

Malware loves to generate new registry entries

This is true regardless of which version of Windows has been installed. The registry is a core component of the operating system; if damaged, it will fail to initialize. A healthy registry is crucial for optimal performance of your PC. A single registry error can considerably bring down your system’s performance.

However, users with older desktops and laptops should consider repairing broken registry items with the methods below. Edge’s Secure Network is powered by Cloudflare — one of the most trusted DNS hosts in the industry — and it aims to protect your device and sensitive data as you browse. The feature is in the early stage of development available to select users in Edge Canary and it’s not a full-fledged VPN service offered in browsers like Opera. A growing number of Russian Chrome users on Android report getting errors when attempting to install the latest available update of the popular web browser. If none of the above-mentioned methods works out, then the last thing you need to do is to perform a system restore. This option helps you to revert your entire computer state as it was before.


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